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Best Scar Cream for Kids

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All children are likely to sustain an injury at some point and most parents are worried about it leaving a mark. Find out what you can do to minimize potential scarring.

How children get scars?

Kids love exploring the world and sometimes they don’t quite know where or how to stop – a fall is often the consequence, sometimes with scrapes or cuts. When the body heals the wound a crusty scab usually forms to protect the wound and let the skin heal underneath. A scar is nothing more than the mark left by a healed wound. While most scars are the results of falls and other small accidents, others might be caused by major incidents or surgery. Each scar has its unique story – for some people scars are special, a sign of victory or bravery, but not everyone likes to show off their scars. And as a parent you naturally will be worried about your child’s scarring. That’s why it’s always advisable to assist the healing process with a proper treatment in order to help prevent scarring or to help fade scars.

Scar Treatment Options for Kids

Immediately after the injury, it is important to keep the wound clean and moist. Once the wound is fully healed, you can apply a topical scar treatment product. Most of these are over-the-counter products, so make sure you choose one that is specifically for kids, such as Mederma® for Kids. It is specially formulated for kids from 2 to 12 years of age. In case of a younger baby, you should always consult the doctor before using any treatment, including over-the-counter products.

The main objective of topical treatments is to keep the freshly healed skin moist.[1,2] That’s why all Mederma® Scar Treatments contain a unique triple action formula including the proprietary ingredient Cepalin® (onion extract); the formulas penetrate beneath the surface of the skin to lock in moisture and assist in the scar healing process by supporting collagen production and cell renewal. The products have been clinically shown to improve the look and feel of scars. [3]

Mederma® is the No. 1 brand of scar treatments recommended by pediatricians, doctors, pharmacists, and dermatologists according to a 2020 survey.

Mederma® for Kids is specifically formulated to contain as few ingredients as possible, which is exactly what you would want for your kids. Just like the rest of the Mederma® range, it contains the unique triple action formula. It contains allantoin, a skin moisturize[4] in a unique triple action formula containing the proprietary ingredient Cepalin®, and a fun surprise – a cool scent and an exciting change of color, which will help encourage little ones to look forward to treating their scar.


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